Mr. G. Alwyn  — Convenor

Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth” – Ecclesiastes 12: 1


The Church strongly supports the view that Youth are hope, trustees of the Church.  Youth play a vital role in the life of a Church as they are the future of the church. They are the future masters of the world.

At our CSI Christ Church, the youth form the majority and have made their presence felt. There are nearly four hundred youth members in our Church. Our vibrant youth meet regularly on fourth Sunday at 11:00 am for a great time of worship, celebration, and listening to God’s word. The youth service helps them to identify their God-given talents and nurture them into strong warriors for God. They develop their skills through the power of God and use them in various ministries, both inside and outside the church, for God’s glory.

The youth plays the role of supporting the adult church members, teaching them (as young learns from old, so old learn from young), and assuming the responsibilities of the church when they are older

Throughout the season guests would be invited along to discuss relevant social issues with the young people where we try to give them a forum for discussing issues in their lives and problems they may “Encounter” every year on May 1st. An annual youth meet is organized with a message from a God’s man followed by a talent show like cultural music, singing songs, skit and answering questions on the faith. Also our youth make their own songs the deviate from the copyright songs. On this special day youth express their skills and talents at the contest with other church youth members.