“O sing unto the LORD a new song: sing unto the LORD, all the earth.(Psalms 96:1)

Mr.J. P. Jacob – Choir Convenor  

Mr. Godwin – Co- Convenor


Mr.Joe Kirubabalan

Mr.Antony Selvadass

In our church congregations, choirs are made up of volunteers from the parish that view their choir membership as stewardship of their talents and time. In fact, most choristers are very committed to their leadership role, often rehearsing for several hours each week, as well as being present for worship each Sunday.

Singing plays an important role in the worship. The Church choir team has around 30 members.  With God given talent of singing they adore God with their awesome voice in every Worship Service.  Their support during Christmas, Candle light Service and carol rounds are exemplary. Mr. Joseph Kirubabalan and Mr. Selwyn are our Organists.  Mr. Muller is our choir conductors.  Church Choir is the forum for the youth to elicit their God given talents to glorify His name by singing.

100 Voice Choir

Our church celebrated its centenary year on 27th September 2010. For this mega event the church committee decided to have a 100 voice choir to glorify our Lord. An open invitation was given in church announcement. Voluntarily both men & women joined the choir and well trained by the organist and the choir conductors of our church. On 26th September 2010, a special meeting was organized in which centenary year special message was given by  Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus and the choir sang for the glory of the Lord. It was a remarkable event in the history of CSI Christ Church.

Candle Light Service

Every year during advent we conduct Candle Light Service at 6:30 pm on 2nd Sunday of December.All the candles hanged inside the Church will be lightened with the help of church youngsters. Special guest will give the word of God Jesus Christ.