Our CSI Christ Church is celebrating its centenary Year (1910-2010) on 27th September 2010 for these celebrations our pastorate committee had planned with the congregation well planned so many projects. The need is very high and so we had planned to fulfill 10 projects one by one during this year.


  • Builted a Mega Church in Buthaleda Field in Punjab – Rs. 5,00,000 (Five Lakhs) and was dedicated to glory of our lord by Rev. Anbabanthan and 26 members of our church.
  • Solar Water Heater System was erected in Government Hospital to Provide hot water to the maternity ward – Rs. 1,50,000 (One Lakh Fifty Thousand) and dedicated by Rev. Karunakaran with church committee members.
  • Erected Water Doctor to poor corporations school at kuniamuthur for Hygienic Drinking Water – Rs. 30,000 (Thirty Thousand).
  • Every year we conduct Marriage to one Orphan couple at Bethel Orphanage at cost of Rs. 35000 (Thirty Five Thousand).
  • During the centenary year celebration we provide cloth to the poor (Dhothies and Shirt to 100 people) – Rs. 25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand) and cloth to 100 poor ladies (Saree and Jacket) – Rs. 25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand).
  • Every year we provide a Singer Sewing Machine to 10 poor ladies and Widows during centenary year celebration – Rs.45,000 (Forty Five Thousand).
  • Helping Orphanages (Old Age Homes, Mentally Retired Children’s, Children Orphanages) – A Need of helping hands to meet their needs.
  • Giving Hygienic rich meal food (Like Asanam Meals) to 40 Orphanages Every Year (More than 4000 Members) – A Need of helping hands.
  • We conducted Medical Camps Every Year above 200 members benefited.
  • Our church gives financial support for 104 missionaries. Though it is a herculean task we are doing it by the grace of god.
  • Prayer Oil is given at free of cost to all those who come to pray at the church.
  • Free Medical Consultation is given to all irrespective of religion. We also provide medicines and vaccines.
  • Month on Month we offer financial support to 30 dialysis patients irrespective of religion.