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C.S.I missionary

Missionary work is the breath of the Church.  The Church cannot exist without mission and evangelism.  “Go and preach the Gospel to the unreached” this is the command of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The congregation very well realized the fact that missionary work is not an option to be considered but it is a command to be obeyed, according to the theme of S.P.G (Society for Propagation of Gospel).Our congregation members’ contribution and involvement for the missionary work is immense.  Over whelming support of our members of the Church enable us to sponsor 40 missionaries from 12 various Missionary movements like:

  • Indian Missionary Society (IMS)
  • National Missionary Society (NMS)
  • Friends Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB)
  • Indian Evangelical Mission (IEM)
  • Vishva Vani
  • Blessing youth Mission (BYM)
  • Diocesan Board of Mission (DBM)
  • Gospel Echoing Missionary Society(GEMS)
  • Church Growth Missionary Movement (CGMM)
  • Christian Music Ministries (CMM)
  • Scripture Union
  • Voice of Zion

Healing ministry is the part of the Gospel and the responsibility of the Church. The Congregation nearly spends 15 Lakhs for these missionaries every year.  The members of our church pray for them regularly. The missionaries delivered Gods Message to out of reach people and lead them towards God Kingdom.